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I am a visual artist. I studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for four years, earning a bachelor's degree, Majoring in environmental Design with a focus on furniture and a minor in fine Art.

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Dinah Myers Schroeder earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She graduated with four years of formal training majoring in Environmental design with a focus on furniture and a minor in sculpture. Mrs. Myers Schroeder grew up in Minnesota with 13 brothers and sisters who shared everything in life. Art supplies were costly and scarce; she started with a number two pencil and notebook. Drawing became her outlet, something of her very own. Her father helped develop her drawing skills at an extremely early age. Dinah currently resides in Wheaton, Maryland, where she raised her 3 children full-time. Upon moving to the DC area, she worked at Zenith Gallery and Willowstreet Woodworks until giving birth to her first child in 1993. Mrs. Myers Schroeder has created public art for the Arts and Humanities Council of DC and Montgomery County (AHCMC). Over the years, she has been granted money for several community murals and workshops for children and adults. Montgomery County Public Schools invited her as a visiting artist at the high school level, and she has taught several long-term elementary classes in art. Most recently, she had art in shows celebratory of inclusionary practices and created murals on diversity-themed projects commissioned by (ACHMC) and The Wheaton Gateway.  Dinah created two murals for the 2020 Presidential election, “Promote the Vote,” in downtown Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, Maryland. At the moment, she teaches for the county, and she is in the process of immersing herself back in the professional art world. Mrs. Myers Schroeder’s love for her family motivates and inspires all aspects of her life and radiates in her art. Whether Dinah is creating portraits, sculptures, abstract paintings, or mixed media pieces, her artwork is bold, vibrant, joyful, and colorful.

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Passion | Creativity | Quality

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"I've commissioned several pieces of art from Dinah. She never fails to exceed my expectations with high-quality art. From helping me execute an idea in my head to surprising me with amazing pieces that fit my spaces perfectly."

~Nadine S.

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